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New Article

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Brian Heron Fri, January 28, 2011 18:17:43

Below new article in the danish mens magazine Classic Rapport February issue 2011. Click the pdf file to view the full article

Thanks to Søren Lillesøe from

IF you want more exiting stories you have to purchase the magazine at the nearest gazstation

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More pictures and article

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Brian Heron Sun, July 04, 2010 20:51:26

Lots of new pictures uploaded :

Below front page from Luksus Magazine latest issues in DK during August. For the full article see the pdf file below.

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Greetings and thanks from Brian

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Brian Heron Fri, April 16, 2010 05:07:12
Dear all,

What a fantastic number of congratulations we have gotten since we arrived. We are truly grateful for all the attention Ole and I have had the last 3 month and even though Carsten has passed all the greetings during the race on to us it is fantastic to relive the journey by reading them all again. We (Brian and family) are current in St. Maarten where we were meant to depart from today, but it looks like friday or saturday will be new departure date, but will keep U posted on the block. Ole is still in Antiqua and expect to fly back home saturday to Vancouver through Toronto.

It has been quite a vacuum arriving on dry land and I think it will take some days before we are fully adjusted to "normal" life both mentally and physical -we both have a lot of pain in the fingers and I find it difficult to sit still but at the same time fell quite tired at night time. The next couple of days will hopefully put the trip and especially the last days of the row into perspective and then I will return with a new block. Until then note you can now write us on our own mails : ole@teamboogiewoogie or and if not Carsten will pass mails to us, but after the fantastic job he has done "webmastering" he deserves a little break and holliday the last days before we go back, but i am also sure that he right now and the coming days will upload new photos etc, but with more than 1000 to choose from it takes a bit to finish

Truly this has been the best "rollercoaster trip" ever and I am happy that so many has chosen to be part of it by taking part of the blog and made a daily ritual of checking for updates on the boogie site.

Its 23.00 local time and my shift starts with the oares on least in my mind but going to bed in a minute will make that picture fade away until next time the clock has passed 2 hours, which was our rowing shift routine.

DK article :


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New Gallery!

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Carsten Heron Wed, April 14, 2010 08:12:23

There is a new album in the Boogie Gallery called : At the ocean - mix!

Tomorrow there will be added a another album with pictures from the local Antiguan photographer Ted Martin .

Here is a teaser:

Brian lander i Københavns Lufthavn fredag den 16 april kl 09:20 med Airfrance AF1750 fra Charles de Gaulle lufthavn!


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Pictures and videos!

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Carsten Heron Mon, April 12, 2010 18:11:39

Below: Video from the arrivel to English Harbour, Antigua Sunday April 11 after spending 96 days 20 hours and 15 minutes on the beautiful boat Boogie Woogie on the Atlantic Ocean: (could be problems untill proceeding is finished - come back later! - Sorry)

Two new album added to the Boogie Gallery:

The day before arrivel and Team Boogie Woogie hit land.......

There will be added more video and pictures later but the connection and speed are not the best at the hotel. And it is also difficult to spend to many hours inside on a beautiful island like Antigua! New pictures and videos will be announced on the blog!

Brian and Ole would like to say thanks a lot for all the mails and comments. They are grateful and touched by the great support they have received over the past several mounths - It has helped them through the last 96 days 20 hours and 15 minutes. It is still possible to write a message to the boys by sending a mail to: or comment on the blog (As mentioned before I will make a scrabbook with all mails and comments to Brian and Ole).

Brian and Ole will write on the blog later but right now they are enjoying their freedom to walk around among people! (And that´s actually very funny to watch because they walk around like the are drunk!).


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Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Carsten Heron Sun, April 11, 2010 15:44:09

THEY DID IT! Sunday morning 05:45 local time our two brave rowers entered English Harbour after 96 days, 20 hours and 15 minutes at the Atlantic Ocean

Congrats to Lone who won the competition! More about that latersmiley!

Later today (Sunday) there will be pictures/movies and a new blog!


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Last 34Nm!

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Carsten Heron Sat, April 10, 2010 17:05:57

As writing Brian and Ole only have 34Nm left to row. An incridible journey and adventure is about to end. 96 days ago Team Boogie Woogie left La Gomera without knowing what challenges they would face. Blisters, swollen knees, aching elbows, sunburn, bad weather just to mention some of their challenges. All this sound scary but if you as Brian and Ole have the right attitude nothing is impossible. From start they were aware that they should not meddle in the top of the race. The challenge has always been to cross an ocean, which soon wioll be fulfilled. I have talked to the guys more than 130 times and I can say that after every sat phone called I have been impressed about their spirit and determination to complete the crossing.

Below: On our way to Boogie Woogie!

Below: Video filmed approx 125 Nm from Antigua when I was on board Ocean Planet with James, Simon, Pete and Jack. We supplied Brian and Ole with some medicals and some new t-shirts (have to look good when you arrive in to English Harbour!)

Brian and Ole will proberly arrive to English Harbour at midnight (Antigua time which is 05 AM london time and 08 pm Vancouver time (I think! - can really think clear now!))

Competition: They have not finished yet but I can with almost 100% certainty announce that Lone Fleiler will win the competition with her guess of 97 days 6 hours and 20 minutes - More on that later!

New blog as soon as the hit land (well......maybe a few minutes after!!)

And the following days the gallery will be added with pictures from Boogie Woogie, new videos as well and not to mention new blogs - This time written by the two brave rowers - I hope!

If you want to write a message to Brian and Ole please send it to and I will together with all the comments and earliere mails put it all together in the Boogie Woogie scrabbook! Thanks!

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Less than 200Nm to go!

Atlantic Rowing RacePosted by Carsten Heron Wed, April 07, 2010 16:02:23

New blog Saturday with a film taking on the Atlantic Ocean 125Nm from Antigua! Boys are doing great and while writing they only have 57Nm to go!


Woouuw less than 200Nm to go and the guys are working their a.. out to get as fast as possible to English Harbour. We are trying to change our tickets because it´s going to be a close race - I believe in Simon who says they arrive the 13th.

In a few hours I leave together with James, Cap. Pete, Simon and Jack - We are approx. out at the boat Thursday morning. Back in English Harbour Friday night. My plan is to take lots of pictures and to get Brian and Ole´s memory cards so we can put some new galleries on the webpage.

When Brian called yesterday it was easy to hear that the atmosphere was a little down because the wind carries them to the south but spirits was high again when Mette told Brian what awaits him when he arrives in port: A Rolex!

Ole already have a Rolex so he have to be thankful for the orchestra that awaits him - I´m sure he is more than than satisfied!

Below: Roger from Dream it do it, (Union Jack shorts!)

Next blog on Saturday with lot´s of new pictures from the Atlantic Ocean....

!Watch out...... English Harbour will soon be Boogie Woogie Party Harbour!


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